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9 Scrap Fabric Project Ideas

 Scrap Fabric Project Ideas 

We don’t like waste here at Voyage Maison – we’re big fans of using up scraps of fabric to create lovely things, which prevents wastage. Did you know, we sell our fabric ends and remnants in big bundles over on our crafting corner page? Choose from pretty floral designs and gorgeous wildlife-inspired fabric bundles, which will keep you crafting for many months. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to make with your fabric scraps, then read our blog below packed full of cute, creative and easy crafting ideas.


How to Make Fabric Notebooks

1. Pretty Notebooks 

  1. Place the open notebook that you would like to cover in the centre of your fabric scrap, ensuring there is around 4 inches of fabric on the left and right hand edges, with around an inch on the top and bottom sides.
  2. Cut a line in the fabric next to the spine of the book to ensure the fabric folds onto the front and back cover of the notebook easily.
  3. Fold the fabric in and glue along the fabric folds – do one side at a time to ensure the glue doesn’t leak and the pages don’t stick together.


 2. Cute Cushions

  1. Measure the width and length of your cushion insert (do not flatten when measuring).
  2. Add on 2 inches to each side and draw two squares using these measurements onto the underside of your fabric scraps.
  3. Cut out and sew the undersides together leaving a 2-inch gap all the way around. Leave one side unsewn.
  4. Turn the fabric inside out so the print is revealed. Insert your cushion and sew along the top edge (fold the overhand in on itself) to complete your cushion.


 3. Bunting Galore

  1. Cut a range of triangles all the same size, allowing for a 2-inch long rectangle at the top of the each triangle.
  2. Trim the left and right sides of the bunting with bunting shears to prevent fraying.
  3. Fold and iron the 2-inch rectangular top and sew along the bottom edge. This will allow for a channel in the middle to be threaded with string.
  4. Choose a natural string and using a large needle thread the string through each of your fabric triangles to create your bunting.

How to Make Your Own Framed Prints

4. Framed Prints 

This one is super easy and really effective. Simply choose your favourite fabric and place in a frame, making sure all the sides are secured tightly to create instant artwork at a fraction of the cost. Perfect for gifts or to decorate your home with!


 5. Gorgeous Napkins

  1. Cut generous square pieces of fabric, allowing for a 1cm fold along each edge.
  2. Fold all the edges and iron them flat to help you sew.
  3. With a simple running stitch, neatly sew along the edge of every fold to create a napkin which won’t fray. Don’t be afraid to try a combination of prints and patterns, we feel this provides a lovely, personalised touch for dinner parties.


Fabric Remnants

6. Flowerpot Covers

  1. Paint your flowerpot with two parts glue, one part waterproof sealer.
  2. Wrap your fabric around the outside of the flowerpot, allowing for an overhang to fall into the centre of the flowerpot and begin to stick. You can add more glue as you go to keep the pot moist.
  3. Pull the fabric tight as you wrap.
  4. When it comes to cutting the excess fabric off, allow for a small overlap to ensure there are no gaps and stick with more glue and waterproof sealer.
  5. Simply plant with your favourite succulent and enjoy your pretty new design!


7. Coffee Cup Warmer 

  1. Cut a length of fabric double the width you’d like for your coffee cup warmer.
  2. Fold it in half and sew up all the edges.
  3. Add an elastic tie and a pretty button to either end of the fabric piece.
  4. Place on your coffee cup and secure with the button to keep your drink warmer for longer.



Fabric and Wallpaper Remnants


 8. Bibs for Little Ones 

  1. Cut out a fabric bib pattern (you can download this online) and trace this onto your fabric. Cut around to reveal your bib shape.
  2. Sew on a thin fabric trim in a contrasting print or colour to create your edge, leaving enough to create a tie on the ends.


9. Personalised Key Rings

  1. Cut the shape of your desired keyring – we like a circular design.
  2. Use bunting shears to create a wobbly edge that won’t fray.
  3. Sew on a metal keyring and feel free to personalise with embroidered letters for a personalised gift perfect for friends and family.


We recently teamed up with blogger Paige Joanna on her scrap busting project, she had some wonderful ideas, including how to create a lovely pin cushion, you can view her YouTube video here and discover more about how to make some of our suggestions above with her handy tutorial.


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