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Find Your Perfect Fabric: Fabric Guide Part 2

Every industry has its own jargon. Where doctors like to talk about ‘abrasions’ and ‘sutures’, chefs discuss cooking ‘sous-vide’ and ‘coddling’ eggs. For the uninitiated, such language can be somewhat off-putting. Of course, the world of interiors isn’t above the occasional use of jargon. However, here at Voyage, we want all of our customers to feel confident in their purchases, knowing without a doubt they are buying what they really need at the best possible price. So, we are continuing with ‘Fabric Guide Part 2’ this week.


Oil Cloth

The magic of oil cloth makes it the perfect fabric for tablecloths and for outside use. Traditionally, oil cloth was made from cotton or linen with a treatment of linseed oil, making the topside of the fabric waterproof and wipeable. Our array of oil cloth, made from cotton and coated in PVC, are not only gorgeous but perfectly practical.

At the fantastic price of £14 p/m our wide selection of stylish and practical oil cloth would make the perfect breakfast table covering.

 Voyage Outlet Oil Cloth Collection


Satin can be made from various fibres, including silk, but is classed as satin depending on how it has been weaved. Characteristically, satin has a superbly shiny look, is soft to the touch and is durable, making it ideal for interiors. If you want to create an upmarket and sophisticated vibe, look no further than satin for your curtains and upholstery.

Discover our range of affordable and gorgeous fabrics which incorporate satin here.

 Voyage Outlet Fabric Collection


Rivalling satin in the softness stakes, velvet is sumptuously smooth and soft to the touch. Generally thicker than satin, velvet is a brilliant fabric for retaining heat, making it ideal for interior products where warmth is needed. Think bedspreads, throws, door stops and curtains.

From as little as £8 p/m, we’ve got a great volume of velvets for you to choose from... why not take a look at our entire velvet collection today!.

 Voyage Outlet Velvet Fabric Range


Says what it does on the tin; ‘woven’ is the catch-all term for any fabric created by weaving, most often on a loom. Whilst you can weave a fabric with most fibres, we pride ourselves on our woven fabrics made from natural materials. Distinctive in texture and often homely in style, woven materials are durable and not prone to stretching - ideal for interior projects you want to make last.

Coming in various colours, our Legolas Woven Fabric would be ideal for any upholstery projects or cushions.

Voyage Outlet Woven Fabric


If you missed part 1 of our 'Voyage Fabric Guide' - you can catch up here.

Browse our entire fabric collection, including trimmings, panels, dress fabric and more - all at incredible prices!